Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going out on a limb...or not

Here's a thought:

With the economy in the pits, no pardon me, what I meant to say was with our nation in the midst of a jobless recovery(how's that for an oxymoron) I think all of us little people are being called on.

And all of you many readers of my blog(okay I mean you Excavator) ask, "Called to what?"

Well, if all these many lifecoaches, evidenced by their many blogs, are any indicator, we are being called upon to BE CREATIVE!! and not wait for the government stimulus money to get jobs and the economy stimulated. Books could be written in the time it's taking for any of this stimulus money to reach us little folks. Add to that that the planet's oil supply is clearly finite and we're getting ever closer to the bottom of that barrel, so to speak. Plus the carbon footprint we make with all the oil consumption, and beefmaking cows farting methane, is only making that footprint larger and more capable of stamping out life as we know it.

The old ways aren't working.

Big business seems to be working more and more for the big guy and needing the little guy(at least these American little guys) less and less. It's making this "little guy" think that small and grassroots is becoming the way to go. It would certainly fit with my notion that we are all made to be creative. It's just that many of us don't realize it or are too damn scared to do anything about it. And by creative I mean not only the artsy fartsy creative but the big C kind. The kind where we think: "Hmmmm things just don't seem to be working so well anymore. How can we create something that will work?"

I'm thinking the kind of creative that has us average employable(but not employed yet), or more employable(but not more employed yet), folks climbing up and out of the rut of "buy, consume and throw away" that our society seems to be stuck in and saying:

"There's got to be a better way!"

It's the kind of creative that has us average folks noticing that:
jobs are going overseas or elsewhere because it's cheaper for big companies to do so;
any potential for real growth job-wise will probably be in green industries and...still waiting...
buying local is kinder to the planet and to small farmers
our schools are letting our kids down
our healthcare system is failing fast(maybe all wouldn't be in agreement on this point, but let's just pretend for the sake of argument)
our infrastructures are getting old and slowly crumbling

The old ways aren't working but there are plenty of powerful people who continue to be invested in those old ways for their own sakes. So maybe it's time for all us "little guys"(I use guys as a genderless term here, as I always have)to step up and say:

"There's got to be a better way and either we're going to find it or we're going to create it ourselves!!