Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 2 of showing up

Technically it looks as if I missed a day but this post counts as yesterdays because I haven't gone to bed yet.

I've shown up and my blessings I'll count for today are:

Our dear puppy Ella. We had a close call this morning. She was antsy at 5:45 and wanted to go out but rather than really go back to bed I laid awake waiting for her to do her business and finally, after a good 15 minutes or so, went out into the backyard where I DID NOT see her. When I looked at the back gate I saw that two of the wooden slats were pushed out of the gate and it was wide open. Long story short...I went inside to to get myself together to go out looking for her; grabbed jacket flashlite, keys, and as I was getting ready to go out the door I heard her barking at the back door in the basement. I went down to the sliding door...and there she was!! I brought her in, closed the gate and leaned the slats against the gate, then went inside where I made over her something crazy for as long as she would let me.

My daughter. Besides me being born...her birth is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. At this point I will slip in my self-blessing and some authenticity too. I've been anything but a patient mom for some time now. Today I had some opportunities to practice patience with her and I took advantage of them. It's not like she was being trying....she was just talking and wanting to be heard, at one point, and at another she was operating on her own time(instead of mine, imagine that) as we arrived at home and were organizing to go inside. For a change I just slowed down, breathed and waited, offered a bit of assistance as she and our pup climbed out of the car, nothing big, just some moments, but they were kinder moments than they might have been, kinder to her and to me as well. By blessing her with some patient kindness I blessed myself as well.

One more little thing....while chatting with an old college friend on facebook this evening the subject of our overweightness came up. We talked of making small consistent changes to develop some healthier habits and talked of how I used to dance....I definitely want to get into dancing is a bit of an issue then. I do have some dvd's on hold from the library, ballet type dvds. Now I just need to check them out and spend some time working with them. Just a bit of time several days a week. Today I was reminded of this way I used to bless myself and how I want to do that again.....How to start and continue showing up for dancing again.....a double blessing of exercise and creative expression...

So there it is for Saturday January 2, 2010...nothing big, but something

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excavator said...

I'm so glad Ella was ok. That must have been a horrible few moments before you heard her at the door.

Good on you for practicing moments of patience, and savoring the benefits.