Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 8 on Day 9


caffeine: In the right amounts and right frequency, not every day, makes the days you have it a bit more inspired.

teachers: The vast majority of the ones I've had contact with are dedicated, hardworking, creative and have TOO MANY STUDENTS in their classrooms. God bless them!

public librarians: They have a whole different breed of challenges. The ones I know serve everyone equally, no matter how wealthy or not you appear, no matter how "on the ball" either God bless them too!!

Warm clothes on chilly drizzly Western Washington winter days, when you have a nice boost of caffeine under your belt, can help make a little walk invigorating rather than miserable.

All of the above blessings came to mind much earlier today(actually yesterday). And I had every, well almost every, intention of writing this post much earlier in the day, which would have been a great way to bless not procrastinating and not waiting til midnite or after. Didn't get there this time...

And finally...
Early this morning, actually at this point it was early yesterday morning, an older woman at my church, who has been battling her most recent bout of cancer for over a year now, let go of this life and moved on. She was a wonderful woman whom I feel blessed to have gotten to know. In her last days she worried about leaving her husband behind. Hopefully people were able to help her mind and heart come to a place of peace with that. There are many at my church who will be looking out for him. She is survived by children and grandchildren who will be there with him and for him as well.

I will miss her a lot...her grace and good humor and courage; her smiles and her laughter. The stories she told me about how she came to be a Washingtonian were the ones that made me feel most welcomed the first time I attended our woman's church group. And chatting with she and her husband after church was the bright spot in many a Sunday.

May your soul rest in peace....


excavator said...

I'm partaking in a bit of caffeine blessing right now, while listening to one of my blessings downstairs right now (flush and then coo at dog) and waiting for the blessing of interruption.

You've blessed me with your latest emails.

I hope the husband of your friend feels blessed by her presence every day.

Ailey said...

Thanks for sharing a few of your blessings Excavator. I appreciate your attention to my process here.

As for the husband of my departed friend, I hope so too. She was such a dear person and he is too.