Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 4

Technically and otherwise this is day 4 of showing up.

A blessing that needs to be counted is the fact that my sister was very generous at Christmas, which, as a result meant that I had the money in my bank account that I needed to pay a vet bill and thus no need to use a credit card. I didn't expect the visit to be so expensive, but between exam fee, 3 vaccinations, a culture of nasty ear stuff, meds and earwash for the nasty ear stuff and some more flea treatment for dog and cat, it was VERY expensive. My sister had given me this money suggesting that I use some for Xmas and save as much as I could for later. Of course the blessing that is my sister goes way beyond her generosity with money. Her unfailing love and support for my whole entire life means the WORLD to me. Thank you sis!

Another blessing comes again in the form of this counselor I have now seen twice. He is kind and caring and does pay attention. And there is a spiritual dimension to the care/counseling he is providing. I've toyed for years with the idea of meditating, tried it for a bit, but never stuck with it. He is encouraging me to do this and explained why and how he thought it could benefit me. So I've committed to 1o minutes of meditation a day for this next week. This will push all of my resistance to discipline buttons. I know because it's already started, but I did get in 10 minutes this evening. So a blessing in the form of this counselor and a self-blessing because I sat and breathed for 10 minutes tonite. I made a start.

Found two more jobs to apply for. I asked a friend if I could send my cover letter and the job description and get his input as to how effectively my cover letter addresses the job qualifications. This renewed friend from highschool...another blessing. The fact that I reached out and asked for his help...another self-blessing.

I really like this concept of blessings and thinking about how I can bless myself, my loved ones, my home, pets, friends, strangers, you name it, all day everyday, or often throughout the course of each day, by choosing to do something kind and/or constructive. Then by taking note of them and recording them here I have a reminder of the power of paying attention and proof of how many blessings I receive and how many opportunities there are for me to be a blessing to others as well.

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excavator said...

So your blog is a self-blessing too.

I can't walk into the vet's office without walking out at least $100 poorer. My mutt had been having diarrhea and was off his appetite for a couple weeks...and was also due for his annual. Byebye $250. (But he's better now too, and I'm reassured that the cancer that took our other dog is not his fate--at least for now).

I wondered how your appointment might have gone.

I, have not been able to break through to the other side as far as finding a place of personal meaning in meditation. I hope you can find the doorway in, and then pull me in after you. Well, you're one step closer, because you're Showing Up.

Love you.