Monday, January 4, 2010

Showing up day 3

Okay day 3, technically day 4 but i explained that already.

This one will be short

I'll start with some honesty: Looking for jobs and being continually rejected SUCKS!! Recently got rejected for 5 different positions. I'm getting nervous and feel kind of helpless. The whole age thing keeps echoing in my head.

Now for the blessing: I was thinking about all this ridiculous economy stuff: greedy, stingy bankers, no end in sight in terms of unemployment rate going down til the end of this brand new year and feeling so discouraged because of my age and who knows what else?
I walked into the church in the middle of the homily and heard the priest talking about our dreams and how they need to be God-infused to be stronger than all of the negative dreams floating around out in the world and how we can't let ourselves be limited or limit ourselves with our own ways of oppressing ourselves. That just really hit home when I needed to hear it. . But the whole thing was really synchronistic...I felt really blessed in those moments. I need to get a copy of my priest's notes so I can read and reread as a way of encouraging myself and hanging on to that blessing.

Self-blessing: I got my exercise video from the library....which is a start. But even bigger than that I made myself go to church when I didn't want to go and was blessed with the message of the homily and the affirmation of my belonging in that family.

Ok--that's it for today!

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excavator said...

It's so wonderful to get the signs we need to read,just when we need them most.