Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9 and 10 on Day 10

I forgot to show up for Day 9 so I'm doing two days in one:

Yesterday's blessing...
My discovery of a great and timely, to me, recording by an Episcopal priest, contemplative and teacher, Cynthia Bourgeault. The CD is called "Encountnering the Wisdom of Jesus". This comes at a time when I am, at the recommend of the counselor I am seeing, beginning a practice of daily meditation. This recording by The Rev. Cynthia addresses the practices of centering prayer and meditation and makes a great argument for cultivating one of them through her explanation of Jesus' wisdom teachings. So it is timely in the sense that I am embarking on such a practice and because of my personal spiritual searching and the questions her theories answer.

This blessing goes beyond the particular recording though. I mentioned teachers and public libraries as two of my blessings in a recent post.

I think Mother Cynthia is quite a teacher and find myself so moved and aha-ed by what I'm hearing from her that I even briefly contemplated the idea of what it might by like to study at the institution where she teaches.

I think she also has a book published on the same subject and assuming I continue to connect with and be inspired as I am by this recording, the book is something I might want to add to my collection. It's listening to the words spoken that best bring the ideas to life for me. So it is for that reason that I add books on tape/cd to my list of blessings for yesterday. What an absolutely wonderful invention available to anyone who has access to a library and something to listen to the recording on, which is most people here in the U. S. I would venture to guess.

Today's(now yesterday's blessing):

I went to church in Salt Water State Park today. I need to do that about once a month, instead of going to my church. I was listening to The Rev Cynthia on my way to the park and continued after arriving and parking in the parking lot. So I listened while watching the sound, with a little knitting thrown in. I topped the worship off by taking a little walk on the path that goes by the sound. So I blessed myself by availing myself of the blessings of: an inspired spiritual teacher, experiencing the sights, sounds and scents of the Sound, while i exercised the wonderful blessing of my body and felt the warmth of the sun on my face. That one was a bonus and also much appreciated.

I could go on but it's late. So that's all for this time.

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excavator said...

Sounds like you were blessed, inside and out.