Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 6

The blessing today came in disguise. We don't have satellite or cable or any other kind of pay tv. What we do have is an expensive HD tv and a crappy rabbit ear anntenae. Tonite, after the news, while gearing up to clean up the kitchen, I was trying to tune in David Letterman. If I would have messed with it long enough I might have been able to get some decent reception, but since I was interested in expediting the dishwashing process I opted not to waste a lot of time on "come and go" reception at best. So I...turned it off!! What a blessing that crappy antennae was tonite!! The quiet in the house was peaceful...gave me space to think. And there's also the saving of some electricity.

Another blessing, one I thought about while washing dishes, is my 12 yo Honda Accord wagon. I don't keep it clean. It has hail damage on all but one of its panels, a broken signal lite cover, around 150 thousand miles on it and it is a GOOD car!! It's been dependable since I purchased it, not new, and has needed repairs: upkeep type stuff like brakes, timing belt, tires. I'd forgotten until just now that the transmission went out on it pretty early on in our life together, but it was covered under warranty somehow even tho' I purchased if from an individual. It's not much to look at but it's a good car and it makes so many things in my life so much easier, and others simply possible. Another of those blessings that has been so reliable that I mostly take it for granted...

My self-blessing for today is....attempting to get to bed at a decent(or more decent hour) and, of course coming here for the 6th day in a row.

I really hope this whole thing begins rippling out or building momentum and I start showing up to daily meditation and daily exercise and eating better. I'm almost 50 and lacking in that kind of self-discipline. I'm certain the quality of my life will vastly improve as I'm able to develop more of that discipline of myself...not to the exclusion of spontaneity, but a mutable combining of the two.

Ok...that's it for tonite.

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excavator said...

Good morning! I'm so glad you showed up!

As for the Accord, "Long May You Run".

Did you get enough sleep last night, Night Owl?

You're doing a good job building momentum, and I think your last sentence says it all.