Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prayers for people in Haiti

Today I was listening to "The World" on PRI and heard a journalist who is in Haiti talking about the people there and how folks were doing. More relief is getting to folks...finally helicopters are being used to bring water, food, supplies to the people. And haitians are hearing on the radio that help is coming that people care.

Anyway this woman said that President Clinton had remarked that he thought that in many ways the level of crime and violence is down in Haiti since the earthquake. The reporter said that yes, there were pockets of unrest, some crime and looting but for the most part people were really rising to the occasion, helping one another.

So here's the thought that came to me: Many, many, many, God only knows how many, people are holding the Haitians, and everyone there helping, in their prayers. And you know what? It's helping!!! Before this quake happened who was thinking about the people of Haiti? Many folks were, but probably many more were not, myself included.

This is why prayer is so works!! But not as in God hears the loudest prayers and intervenes from whence those loudest prayers come. I think that somehow our prayers help people sense that Indwelling Presence of God. And how can that sensing of that Presence not strengthen people and even harmonize them with one another?

Anyway I heard that reporter say that and tears came to my eyes and I cheered, "You go people of Haiti!! You keep on!! We are pulling for you!! You are not alone!!"

So we must continue to hold them for as long as it takes.


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